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Friday, December 22, 2006

A Quick Thought

Sorry I haven't written in a long time...the new job is taking my time and thoughts right now, as well as holiday running around. I have updates about work and family at All Things Zebster.
The Nascar blog I've been threatening to do is now up, written by some of us old timers from Under Da Porch message board. You can read that blog here, if you're inclined to participate in Nascar discussions.

I hope to get back into a routine soon where I can update and then stay updated on the political and social issues so that I can blog here regularly again. Until then I want to wish everyone a joyous and safe holiday season, as well as encourage everyone to take a moment out of their busy schedules and do something for those less fortunate...a kind word, giving blood, shoveling a walkway, spending time with the lonely, volunteering your time to prepare Christmas dinner at a shelter, anything from the heart in the spirit of the season. Even something as little as putting change in a Salvation Army kettle can make a profound difference.



Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, man! I hope you and your family have a safe weekend.

Dr. Strangelove said...

Merry Christmas Zeb. And write! :)

Useless Man said...

All the best to you in the new year. Thanks for visiting our site through 2006. Look forward to hearing more from you in the new year!

Useless Man said...

You better get back to posting. I finally got around to linking you!

Come ON already...

Brent said...


Come back please!!!!!