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Monday, May 29, 2006

Weekend with Bro

So while the Poots were off in NYC for the weekend, I headed on down to Bro's for some sibling bonding. Friday night we went out to eat at a local TexMex place with a more tradition menu than most "Mexican" restaurants. I had the canista de puerco. Mmmmm, thick slices of pork seasoned with Mex spices with refried beans and rice, which you could eat separately or roll all together in a tortilla with sour cream. Plus we had a Dos Ecces and sampled some different Tequilas.

Saturday morning we started with Bro's special cheesy scrambled eggs and bacon and then headed off for the Sam Adams Brewery tour. I liked how the "tour" was an expeditious run-thru of the process so that you could hurry up to the sampling. LOL We got to take home the 7-ounce sampling glass, and we had the Boston Lager, Summer Ale and Honey Porter. I bought a t-shirt "take pride in your beer."

Then it was off to Fenway. We ate some grub at Game On, checked out all the souvenirs at the souvenir shop and then went on to the guided tour of Fenway Park...pretty cool indeed, though not as thorough as far as access to the park as we had hoped. But we did get to go up on the Green Monster and learned a fair bit of trivia about the park and the team. We had hoped to go inside the Green Monster and or onto the field but no such luck. We killed some time before the ballgame (came across an anime convention -- no, we didn't go but saw enough w/out going LOL Munchkin would've loved it)

So off to the ball park early to watch some batting practice and get ready for the game. Would Curt Schilling get his 200th win? This game wasn't one Bro already had tix to, so he got special tix for the game. Wow, were they great. Thanks Bro! Nice and spacious with our own table. So I kept score of the game for the first time in ages. We were just left of home plate looking right down on it and could see the whole field. Well, Curt didn't have his best stuff but over 7 innings gave up 4 runs and the Sox scored 6 for a win and Curt's 200th win. Pretty cool to have been there.

We spent Sunday putting up Bro's ceiling fan, listening to the beer drinkin and Merle Haggard cd's I'd made for him; then watched some of the Indy 500 and Sox game before I headed back to Maine. Thanks for a great time, Bro! I got home in time to watch the Coke 600 and guess who won? That's right, Kasey Kahne! Woooo hoooo!

The picture? Me that night at Fenway from our seats, wearing my Sam Adams t-shirt. Picture taken by Bro with my cell phone.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Watching the Sox (not listening to the Prez)

Memorial Day SaluteHe starts out trying yet again to remind us of the 4th option of going to war, the third after he'd already gone, about Hussein taking the UN money, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah. So I muted his lying ass and started listening to James McMurtry and then watching the Sox. You know, I'm sure there's value to some of these statements but where were they when you were justifying going? Don't ya just love this making excuses on the run. For the first time in forever today after the Enron verdicts came down on Lay and Skilling, I went to listen to a Fox take for a sec. Lucky my timing as they asked one of their Fox News experts what kind of political affect this would have on the Prez. He says it'll help the Prez since it shows the Administration's prosecutors don't play favs, just like they're not playing favs with Abramof (sp). I hope to god that doesn't fly with their viewers. I didn't realize Fed prosecutors worked for the administration and let's hope they don't and never do. How about this: It shows that yet again one of the Prez's cronies (Lay) is a crook. And yet more untidy, unseemly things point to Cheney and the shadow hiding behind him. Den of Thieves! They just might turn me into a Democrat after all.

The Mrs. and Stepdaughter left this afternoon for a school drama trip to NYC. So you can see I'm having a blast with even more alone time on my hands than usual. LOL Like I need more time on my hands to contemplate all the wonderful things going on in the world and personally.

If anyone likes singer/songwriters like I do -- you know, pure kinda folky-country-rock with great lyrics and roughish vocals -- y0u have to check out James McMurtry and Charlie Robison. It'll be our secret, as no one plays it in this age of recipe radio and video channels that don't play videos.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

So what is a poot anyway?

Love Letter
Someone who thinks they're funnier than they are,
A live-in best friend,
Someone who puts up with your worst and does so with a smile,
A beautiful, auburn-haired lass whose prettier than she knows,
Someone who manages to love you even after they realize your slobbery has weakened their fastidious ways,
Thinking after a gerbil, a rabbit and several cats you'll finally give in on the dog,
Someone who gets the hole in the back yard,
Who doesn't seem to mind you kept going away with your bro on our anniversary (as long as you brought back jewelry)
Who goes away on our anniversary and doesn't bring back jewelry,
Someone who buys chocolate all the while knowing you'll eat it all,
Who thinks reality shows are worth watching and who thinks cooking shows are better than baseball and racing...

A Tribute, a Thank-You and a I-Love-Ya

Happy AnniversaryApproaching our anniversary this weekend (9th, I'm told), and jokingly she says it's time to trade her in, as this is how long the other one lasted. LOL Though she can be a wicked poot, I wouldn't and couldn't "trade her in." I know there's no one who would've shown the patience with me that was necessary for us to grow to this point, and she did that through some very trying times; and as I've gone through some extremely difficult situations (Joey, work and career stuff, all this stuff with the girls), she's always been there trying. Trying is worth more than most people give credit for. As a realist I know most of these situations are beyond the help of someone to say or do anything; but the value of knowing someone is there who wants to help and cares about you is enormous, especially to those of us who struggle with our self worth. She's been the biggest reason through what is probably the most difficult time of my life (and I've had some whoppers) that I've managed to manage. Being an optimist has always been my strength but it's not always enough. So don't worry, Love, you'll have to put up with me for a very long time, if you can stand it. Thanks for being my best friend and I love you.

Their mother, my wife

My wife is sad that one of her sons is now in Korea. Shel's Place: Tim He left Mother's Day Weekend. They are always on her mind and they know she's always there for them. She has been their constant rock as they've grown up through a difficult divorce, never putting them in the middle.

I've learned much from her, probably most importantly that their frustrations that are seemingly directed at you are simply there result of the situation. She took some difficult jabs from them but always knew it was directed at her because she was safe and cared, not because it was her fault.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Just an opportunity

What to write about when nothing's going on...
I'm excited about going to Bro's for the weekend and seeing the Sox, but it's a temporary diversion from a reality that's really empty. I wish I were young enough to be debt-free enough just to take any job just to get working and afford to do things, but right now what I could easily get pays no more than I'm drawing on unemployment. So why not spend the time finding something better (dare I hope...something right).
But that'll have to change soon. Unemployment isn't quite enough either. So slowly we're getting behind again. You'd think with a bachelors degree, 14 years of running my own business and 8 years of military background I could find something that'd pay more than 10 bucks an hour (or some company looking for ability and the intangibles, willing to hire someone who has a broad range of experience instead of 10 years of experience doing one thing)
And I've looked at hundreds and hundreds of jobs that I could do, but I don't have the experience or enough of it, or you couldn't pay me enough to do it.
I feel like a panhandler, except what I'm holding out my hand asking for is a much-deserved break (read opportunity). It's not like I'm sitting back whining, waiting for someone to do it for me.

I've run out, worn out everything I can do sitting around here on the computer all day. Yes, I'm going out of my mind with boredom, say nothing about the self worth degradation.
At least the Sox beat the Yankees again last night, 4 games to 1 so far.

Monday, May 22, 2006


Tim left for Korea yesterday. He should be arriving at his base soon. What's the time diff?

We had a 70th birthday party for my father-in-law Saturday night at The Village Inn in Belgrade. (I won't say what I ate as my daughter would come undone). A very nice gathering. His wife and his 2 sisters and brother, plus 3 of his daughters and their husbands, as well as 2 grandchildren and a husband.
We'd ordered a huge carrot cake and we sang Happy Birthday when they brought it out, and the whole of the patrons chimed in. You should've seen the look on his face.

Headed to Melrose this weekend to see a ballgame with Bro. I'll be sure to report back.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Thanks for the temporary diversion

I had a nice time visiting for Jared's birthday party, and it was a nice diversion (not totally) from a very difficult morning. I hope you all know that it means a lot to me that you stand by me and see me for who I am, warts and all; and that while I have my issues, I'm not what others are making me out to be. (nice grammar, Zeb...not)

I'm getting the impression that my youngest daughter on some level realizes what a hole she's dug and is avoiding me because she can't look me in the eye. So instead of confessing what's behind this, she's making things worse. If she doesn't even "want to be" with me for five minutes, it's leaving the impression with her mother a confirmation of the untruths that got us here.

The more patience I show, the more space and time I give, the more I act like everything's okay, the worse things are getting...although those things aren't being recognized apparently on any level.

On another note and I'll explain another time; but I'm not going to be called "buddy-boy" too many more times before I snap.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Listening to Patsy Cline

A metaphor for the current status of my life, you ask? Perhaps. Her voice is soothing regardless of my mood though. Shel was more concerned this weekend when I was sitting at the computer cranking on some Alice In Chains!

Just feeling so stuck and roadblocked when it comes to the job search -- trying to find one I can afford to take and that won't be another step sideways -- and where to start with my more personal blog.

Monday, May 08, 2006

A little better than just another day

Been wanting to get out and do something but haven't wanted to go alone -- feel alone and defeated enough as it is. So Shel agreed to go to the Portland Pirates playoff game with me last night. We ate at Margarita's before the game (Shel had 2 Margarita's, 1 being her limit LOL). We haven't done much together outside of home lately because I haven't felt I could justify the expense, but the food and the game were nice temporary boosts to the psyche (I need a job).

The Pirates outplayed Hartford but gave up too many power play goals and lost 4-2. This second round series now stands two games apiece.

Christina and her beau went to the prom this weekend and had a great time. Plan to put up a pic or 2 of her/them on My Space soon.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Pat Kennedy

What on earth were you thinking? Obviously wasn't. Isn't the bullseye of being a Kennedy and Teddy's son already big enough? People assume right or wrong that your family gets favors that others don't; and at a time when the neo-con Repub's stranglehold on morality is starting to slip, a Kennedy of all Dems has to do something as stupid as this.
And apparently he tried to use a little known "law" that says Congressman are essentially above the law when traveling to and from their offices. So at 3 a.m. he says he's on his way to a vote.

A couple of my "issues"

Keep in mind that I'm a liberal but not a Democrat. (I'm fiscally conservative, which this administration certainly is not) I've voted for nearly as many Republican presidents as Democrat, including HW (once); but I have a couple of sensitive spots. One, I haven't trusted this president since day one, and this administration has gone beyond the worst that I had feared. This administration and Congress has gone nuts with spending, and it isn't just war or terror related. I don't think they've met a spending bill they haven't liked.
My other sensitive spot is the success of the Republican propoganda machine's ability to convince the American people that they have a headlock on morality. I see the hypocrisy every day. It's gotten to the point IMO where being a public conservative gives one a free ride to do what they want, while being a moral, law abiding liberal is an oxy moron.
And what worries me is that recent polling shows that the majority of the American public if voting today would still vote "morality" issues over governmental policy issues. It's like, as long as you say you believe in God and you can back that up by being a Republican, then whether you'd run the country into the ground is okay.