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Friday, April 13, 2012

Rest In Peace, Chief Maloney

It isn't just black teenagers in hoodies who get shot when everyone and his uncle has a gun (or a personal armory.)  I'm so f'ing spitting mad right now on this subject that I'm just going to post the link to this story about the murder of a small town New Hampshire Police Chief and the wounds to four other officers in the line of duty.
I also, of course, want to "send" condolences to Chief Maloney's family and the families of the other officers who were shot in this incident.
A suspect in Cicopee, MA was found dead of a gunshot wound after he had sprayed automatic weapon fire at a State Trooper, who was shot in the leg.  You can read that developing story here at New England Cable News and I want to say get well soon and thank you for your service, Trooper Vasquez. 
Below is an excellent clip from NECN regarding the incident that left Chief Maloney dead.