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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

But then again...

It could be a whole lot worse, like it was not long ago.
While I've been in a dissatisfied mood with President Obama of late, I recognize it has as much to do (leaving the Gulf spill aside for now) with not doing all that he said he would and a few things he's done that he said he wouldn't.  I should also be fair and step back a bit and look at the big picture.  The big picture is that an awful lot has been done legislatively and culturally.
Since I'm lazy but most importantly need to be spending my time looking for a job, I'm going to take advantage of those who get paid to point these things out to you.  First, I'd encourage you to read this excellent article by Peter Beinart that's currently at The Daily Beast.   I saw an interview with him a few weeks ago with Charlie Rose, and I couldn't help coming away from that with one overriding thought..."that is one incredibly smart guy right there."  You just know it when you see it and it is a very rare quality these days unfortunately.
And just because it's always fun to be enlightened by Jon Stewart, I'll share the clip below.  If you watched the show last night, you saw about an 8 or 9 minute interview with David Axelrod; but if you go to The Daily Show website, you'll see there's a much longer unedited version of the interview.  What's below is part 1 of 3, that totals about 20 minutes.  There doesn't appear to be one file containing all 3 parts; but if you start with the first, it'll jump to the next when it ends.
So again, I'm far from satisfied and am dissatisfied in many ways but it should be remembered what the other options could have been.

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Brent said...

The Beinart article is indeed excellent. And no, I did not get the email about the multi-author sports blog. email me at with details.

Constructive Feedback said...

What is that "other option"?

When people who live in places around this nation string together their "lessor of two evils" votes and note that this "lesser evil" machine now controls all of their institutions - local, state and federal - is there a point where you and they arrive at the notation that there is a problem going on that is greater than your own ideological and partisan preferences can resolve?

Zebster said...

CF, I'm far from partisan (read the bio) and my vote for Obama was not the lesser of 2 evils. I think you misunderstand my point entirely. But welcome.
If left with the lesser of 2 evils option when it comes to which party I'd chose to "own and control" institutions, I'll take the left.
Oh, the other option? Hoover all over again