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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cheers to the new bride and groom

As a father, it does your heart good to see your child so happy, even though you're scared half to death at the same time.   It's kind of bittersweet because it's like you're officially sending them off to the world.  I guess that's why the pastor asks "who's giving this woman away." 

My daughter got married yesterday and it was a lovely service.  During the father/daughter dance she told me her cheeks hurt.  No wonder, since she was beaming from ear to ear all evening.  What a lovely bride!
Everything went wonderfully, though there was a minor wedding dress malfunction; and I want to thank everyone who came and added to the special occasion.  Most importantly though, I want to thank those who put in many, many hours to make this happen:  Her mother, her stepmother, her stepfather, her sister, her Uncle Rick, her best friend's mother, the bridemaids and bridegrooms, as well as the Pastor and the parents of the groom.  Her dad helped some too.
Three daughters married and all grown to be wonderful women.  I couldn't be prouder, despite how bittersweet the process.
Congratulations, Emily and Peter.

PS  I will be posting an update, either here or on All Things Zebster, when more pics become available.


Shel said...

The wedding was wonderful and all seemed to enjoy. To the bride and groom, many happy years to come and all the best! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wonderful day.

Verdanteye said...

Congratulations, Zeb! And to your daughter as well!! Good luck to the both of them

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you and your family Zeb, you now officially have a new member of your family. May the happy couple live, laugh, love and always treat each other with respect. Alisa

R.J. said...

Congrats, Zeb! I'm glad everything went well. Good luck to the new bride and groom as well.

Pam Balancio said...

Best of wishes to the bride and groom. May they have many decades of wonderful marital bliss. And as they get to know each other better may they love each other more than they do even now.
p.s. Zeb--did your beans turn out as good as you hoped??

Deb said...

Congratulations to your daughter and your family. Lovely image, and lovely post. May they have many years of happiness together.

Zebster said...

Thanks, everyone, for the congrats and well wishes. I'll make sure the young couple sees it. I'll put up more pics on the other blog soon. Pam, re: beans, see an update and comments on that post.

mamajoan said...

Everything went very well. The outdoor ceremony was wonderful. They certainly make a handsome couple

AaronN said...

Congratulations to Emily, proud papa Zeb, and all of the Pike/Basford crew. I'm sure a good time was had by all and I wish the new bride and groom many years of happiness together.


Anonymous said...

She is lovely... and you clean up pretty well yourself! Congrats to Emily and Peter. Thanks to you and Mom for the fabulous cake and beans! -- Stephanie

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Zeb, looks like a beautiful wedding! I'm glad all went well. Cheers. Blair.