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Friday, October 22, 2010


Gay people don't choose to be who they are any more than you do, any more than all the other types of people Christians choose to abhor.  Before you get yourself all bent out of shape, name me an atheist who's a homophobe.  Those who are taught not to judge are the most judgmental.  It has something to do with not wanting to believe God would create something you don't like, so you scramble to your Book to pick and choose your justifications to hate.
We need to stop the hate, stop the ignorance and stop the violence; and instead treat people like we want to be treated.  No one would choose a life of ridicule, pain, shame and perhaps worst of all, trying to be someone they're not -- no more than truly devote Christians would choose to be atheists in a world where they were the overwhelming minority.  Right?
So this is my first small attempt to get people to think a little more on this issue, while probably pissing off just as many but hopefully getting people to think about their choices.
So if I still have your attention and you haven't already seen it, I'd ask you to watch this short clip and then read a great blog post by someone who's lived in the closet because of us.
Thanks Mary and Heidi for introducing me to this video:

The blog post I mentioned is written by a friend of mine, someone who treats me with respect and doesn't care about my sexual, religious or any other orientation; and we're still friends because we haven't started treating each other differently since he decided to be himself.  This post, entitled Sunday Morning Hangover, is very well written and insightful, for those of you who care to think about things you don't understand.  After you've read it, ask yourself if you'd choose to be different in a world that truly hates different.

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