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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Messrs. Duplicity, Grabass, Flipflop & Oops

Too bad this isn't the law firm that it sounds like.  Unfortunately it's the best Republican candidates, at least based on the tastes of the voters,  for President.of the United States.
Newt Gingrich, Inc, is the worst of the lot, if you can imagine that.  The best you can say about him is he's the smartest one of the bunch but smarts has not been a prized attribute of Republican voters, and in this instance he's the type of person who's always used his smarts for personal gain.  He's not exactly a flipflopper but more like a spinning top that's always saying whatever is convenient and convincing.  Unfortunately for Newt, he's been around a long time and his record will catch up to him and in very short order.  He is the epitome of the word politician when used in its most derisive form.  Good thing he's a "history professor" because he's soon to be history.
Where to start and end with Mr. Ubekibekibekistanstan?  He's right, you don't have to know anything to get the Republican nomination or to even be elected President, sadly.  He "doesn't know anything about foreign policy"; his fiscal policies at best came from a video game; he didn't try to have sexual relations with those women and he's the leading man in the latest Koch Brothers movie release.  Many people on the left have found him to be charming and harmless (I suppose he is harmless from the standpoint that he won't get the nomination) but his smarmy nature is starting to show through his charm or perhaps what was seen as charm was always smarminess hidden by a nice, clever smile. "Gotcha!" says Herm.
From a moderate standpoint, Romney is the most palatable of these candidates but that's like saying sardines are more palatable than rotten fish.  True, he would likely govern from the center right, something you can't say about the rest of the candidates; though ask me tomorrow and I might change my mind, if necessary.  At best he's bought and paid for, and at worst he's bought and paid for.
Poor Governor Perry, doesn't he strike you as the guy who had the best of everything handed to him, guided and steered the whole time, who suddenly finds he has to do and think on his own and has no real experience in doing so?  He really should be the Republican frontrunner since most of his positions are in lockstep with the far right he covets.  The problem is that he's done a few nice, humanitarian things as governor; his jobs record is based on Federal funding and there's that rock in the front yard.
So now that we've covered the senior partners, the junior partners are waiting for their turn -- well, other than kooky Michelle Bachmann, who started out at the big table and quickly got demoted.  For someone who needs to say outrageous things to get noticed, to me she's actually been rather sensible lately.  That's because to point out the obvious errors of the frontrunners makes her look smart because she's saying things that are actually true for a change.
Ron Paul?  Honest, stable and truly not electable, even in this historically weak field; and that would be against the Republicans, say nothing about running against a moderate Democrat.
John Huntsman?  Eminently qualified, very smart, very personable and yet you've hardly seen him because in the eyes of the Republican voters he's more a Democrat than a Teabagger.
Then there's the guy who's name when searched on Google makes your butt cheeks pucker and a few others you never get to see.
Thanks for the laughs and the great theater, Republicans; but most of all, thanks for doing a hundred debates and showing America the many faces of the Republican Party, thank you so much.

After I wrote the rough draft last night, Stephen Colbert helped me out with a fitting skit. Unfortunately, they split it into two videos.


Carolyn said...

Yes, thank you very much for having so many debates so that we could see you for who you are.

mamajoan said...

Nice touch with the humor. Guess you didn't have to exaggerate very much. But what's that about sardines? LOL

Greg DeBeck said...

(sigh....) and unfortunately all there will be to choose from on the Dem side is Obama. I personally would rather have any one of the Rep's than 4 more years of what we have now lol. Did you hear what he said the other day about the Hawaiian Islands being part of Asia? (sorry Zeb, please don't throw any sticks and stones at me lol)The sad truth is that we have NOBODY of substance, on either side of the aisle to choose from.

littlecuz said...

So let me get this straight Greg, you are lumping Obama in with the republicans because he miss-spoke about where he was? Come are comparing that to a group of people who aren't miss-speaking, they are serious. From quotes about Paul Revere firing his musket as he rode through Boston ringing a bell to warn the British that they couldn't have our guns to mixing up John Wayne the actor with John Wayne the serial killer?

We've all crossed up our words and that's all the incident you cite is. We had to put up with 8 years of it from Bush and it was totally over looked by the right. To me there is no comparison to Obama and the Reps.

OCbananagirl said...

Very nicely written. I can not comment though on the republican candidates as I have not watched one debate in its entirety so I feel I do not have the right to comment. I have tried to watch but alas they give me a headache and make me sick to my stomach at the thought that this is what the party of conservatism has to offer, what kind of society have we become. I have llstened to and enjoy President Obamas speeches, I always have had a soft spot for intellect.