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Tuesday, February 07, 2012


Carl Rove is offended -- not upset, offended -- by the Chrysler Corporation ad with Clint Eastwood that aired during the Super Bowl.  First, let me step back.  Hey Carl, who the fuck are you anyway?  On what basis do you have a right to be offended by anything anyone does, unless it was directed at you?  Get your fat, egotistical head out of your selfish ass.
The other point I'd like to make loud and clear is this:  Ask yourself what response the Carl Roves of the world would have if someone of liberal leanings were to ever be so bold as to disagree, say nothing about being offended by, with anything Clint Eastwood said or did?  That's right, they would've called you a pinko, commie, liberal, unAmerican so-and-so, and ask that you leave their country at once.  (The same crowd, by the way, that places bumper stickers on their trucks saying "If you don't love America, leave it" right next to their rebel flag bumper sticker)
So I have to say, not for the first time either, that Carl Rove is unAmerican and his umbrage is anti-American.  What other response is there to someone who takes offense at something done by arguably the most iconic of American symbols?
Here's the ad, if you haven't seen it.  Tell me what could possibly be offensive about asking us all to unite and knock off the partisan horseshit?

And for the sake of full disclosure: I am a liberal, a proud American who served his country, a huge Clint Eastwood fan and a Mopar guy. So this commercial is pure love for me. I guarantee The Greaseman had a boner when he saw the commercial.

UPDATE:  Here is a link to article regarding Clint's response to the uproar about the ad, as well as at the top you'll now find a link that contains Rove's comment, which I forgot to include.


deb said...

What did he find offensive about it? I'm curious, because it seemed a very non-partisan, unoffensive commercial to me.

Zebster said...

Sorry, Deb, I left out a link to his comment. It's been fixed and updated to include Clint's response as well. Basically Rove felt it was pro-Obama.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was an excellent commercial as was last year's. I received an e-mail message from a fellow Democrat this morning - If you don't like Clint Eastwood and cars, what do you like? Mamajoan

TrotRocks said...

Clint + Chrysler = Cool. Rove is buttmunch. The new Dart is very cool as is the 300 and Grand Cherokee. Chrysler and the Fiat has got this going.

Anonymous said...

I didn't find anything offensive about the ad but Karl Rove insulted my intelligence.