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Monday, October 08, 2012

Thank you, Senator Pressler

Thank you, Senator Pressler, a Republican, for so succinctly and eloquently and passionately saying what needs and should have been said for quite some time now.  Below is an excerpt from Senator Pressler's endorsement letter of President Obama:
As a combat veteran of two tours in Vietnam with twenty-two years of service as a Republican member of the U.S. House and Senate, I endorse President Barack Obama for a second term as our Commander-in-Chief. Candidates publicly praise our service members, veterans and their families, but President Obama supports them in word and deed, anywhere and every time.
 This is a rather long letter as far as letters go but it lays out so well why it's not even close when it comes to how much support the President has given the troops and the military, and how much the Republican Party has let them down, which is putting it kindly, and presents a stark contrast between the President and Mr. Romney.  This is something the average conservative has ignored for years, though admittedly so has the average Democrat.  If you haven't read this letter, you need to and you can do so here.  It'll be interesting to see whether this gets anywhere near the press coverage and conversation it deserves.
Brent, I assume living in South Dakota, you've seen this?

And I want to throw in a great quote (sort of, since I don't now remember it exactly) by Chris Matthews tonight, paraphrasing, "Why do conservatives believe that the way to get rich people to work harder is by giving them money but the best way to make poor people work harder is by making things more difficult." 


Brent said...


Growing up in South Dakota, all I can say is that in the 80's and 90's, Senator Larry Pressler was a big fat dickhead. He argued that PBS needed to go way back when. He said that poor people didn't work hard enough and that the rich were getting screwed because they paid too much in taxes.

Such arguments sound familiar now, don't they? He was one of the earliest Tea Baggers out there.

Zebster said...

Then you would think what he has to say would carry even more weight with the teabag dickheads that need to hear it. I am unfamiliar with Pressler but I have to say that his endorsement letter (I hope you read it) was incredibly well written and spot on correct.