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Friday, August 23, 2013

Trying to explain

In trying to explain (to a fellow atheist even) why I defend to some extent the tone used by another atheist in this article.  I explained as follows:  "I agree but on the other hand you could say that nothing we say and no matter how we say it will make us seem any more palatable to them. And though it shouldn't matter, I don't think we started the insults, etc. In large part I operate as you say because it's not my personality to be an asshole about people's beliefs (I try anyway) but I honestly feel like that's not a reciprocal action. They fucking hate us and as a result, it's very hard not to hate some of them in return."

But then I also feel this is even more clear:  On Facebook I have many, many friends and family of the Christian faith.  They do not hesitate or think twice about what their posts in support of their faith (and I'm talking strictly faith here, not politics or moral issues) may mean to those who disagree, whether in some ways it's even insulting to those who don't believe, nor do I frankly think they care.  On the other hand, we as atheists have to be very careful what we say and share, to the point where I very rarely share anything at all because to those who believe OUR VERY EXISTENCE is insulting to them.


Mary said...

I wasn't at all offended by the tone of that article. But i wouldn't have read it had it not been linked to your blog. I'm neurtral, though, when it comes to the Evangelical Christian/Atheist thing. I don't know where i stand. I'll never be a Christian, but i'm not a hardcore atheist either. It's too bad both 'sides' feel they have to take sides in the first place. I could write a book about this, so bear with me. :) I think many atheists, as well as Christians, feel they have to announce their belief or lack of belief to others.. and really others don't care. At least i don't. I see some pretty heavy handed things posted by atheists on my facebook page, and i just roll my eyes or ignore them. Same with all the 'God' stuff. It's as if they take pleasure in telling the world they don't believe. Well, okay. Does anyone care? Whatever they think is fine. I can see why that article is irritating to some. If the author's way of life is happy, then good for him. When i was doing my volunteer thing at the hospital last week, in fact, i met a 30 year old woman who announced to me and one of the nurses that she's an atheist. lol. No one asked. I felt like saying.. 'that's fabulous.' I feel the same way when people try to tell me how great marriage is when they learn that my partner and i are not legally married. (I don't go around announcing that fact.) Sometimes people figure it out. I feel like saying.. whatever works for you. But i'm not going to write an essay about how living together is so much better than marriage either. To the guy who wrote the article.. i say.. so you're an atheist! Yay you! :D Whatever man. Like my grandfather would have said.. are you bragging or complaining?? Phew.. sorry about that. Get me going and i'll yak all night!

Anonymous said...

I actually liked that article you linked to. It got straight to the point, and I didn't think it was offensive at all. It told it like how it is.

As for those who believe, I've got a lot more harsher words than that for them and for very good reasons.

I'm on the verge of writing an epic rant regarding Chelsea Manning, health care, and now it affects me. But it won't be what you're thinking, though.

Brent said...

The article that you linked to was very straight forward for us who are on the non-Christian side of the fence.

Belief should be a deeply personal choice, but the Christian Church won't allow it to be a choice without stigmatic consequences. I know of people here that won't talk to me because I am not a true Christian and very few know that I have become ordained as a minister of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

For those of those that believe and pray for me, they need to stop. They need to figure out that their God does not hold the people that uses his name accountable. Otherwise this world would be a hell of a better place.