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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

The blank check

When you join the armed forces (remember, it's a volunteer force.  I'd have some a tiny bit of sympathy if these assholes were drafted) and sign that blank check, you're no longer entitled to a public opinion.

Read this article, the latest regarding active duty troops taking to Twitter and Facebook, hiding their faces and protesting that they didn't join to do whatever.  I didn't join and spend eight years on active duty to have my name sullied by things like the Iran/Contra Affair and $25 toilet seats (and I could go on and on about my 8 years that dovetailed the reign of the sainted Ronald Reagen) but I did what I was told because that is exactly what I swore to do when I joined.  If you disagree, then show your face and get your less-than-honorable discharge, which is the honorable thing to do if your signature on that blank check is worthless.

This guy has it right.


Anonymous said...

It pissed me off endlessly when some of these soldiers stated they didn't serve President Obama a few years back.

You're right. When you sign up, you sign up to serve. Doesn't matter who's in charge. Doesn't matter where you're stationed at. You go and do your job.

Mary said...

Well, for one thing, they're cowards for not showing their faces. If they don't want to do their jobs, they shouldn't join. I've never been in the military, but don't they have to, um, follow orders?

Hm, it seems as though they understand that this behavior is wrong, or they'd have the guts to show their faces. Should i be thankful they're not wearing white hoods like those other cowards? Yep, i said that, but this pisses me off.