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Friday, March 02, 2012

Sliding Scale

There's a reason why the the political and media right attack Rachel Maddow more than any of the other political show hosts on MSNBC.  Yes, she's the most liberal -- with the possible exception of Dylan Ratigan, they're all liberal obviously -- but the reason why they choose her as the poster child of the liberal media is because she's the one who most has her facts and her act together.  The right has always been very successful at holding someone up and demonizing them, labeling them as something to fear in a successful effort to keep their readers, listeners and partisans from even finding out for themselves what someone stands for.
Many times I've watched her show and felt, like I have with the others, that she's dead right but the difference with her is that she takes you to school and backs it up with lots of facts, evidence and proof.  Watching her first segment two nights ago was a textbook example of this, even more so than usual; but the reason I'm sharing this is because it's a wakeup call.  More often than not her topics of illustration bring to light something even the most informed hadn't thought of or noticed.  Also, there's an excellent interview at the end of the following clip with Maine's Democratic Representative Chellie Pingree regarding this issue and whether she's likely to run for Senator Olympia Snowe's seat.

Many of us moderate liberals have felt this going on for some time now.  Now is the time to put a stop to this and, if any, start dragging the center back to the left.
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Anonymous said...

Some good points. Maddow does do her homework and conducts a very good interview


Mary said...

Rachel is my favorite on MSNBC, though i'm partial to Lawrence O'Donnell too. Rachel has the best guests, and isn't afraid to confront people, but in a very unwhiny, objective way. She takes the right wing wackos apart line by line in a logical way. It's hard for the right to argue with her and win. That's why they don't like her. And in a totally unrelated sidenote, i would love to hear Lawrence O'Donnell debate Ann Coulter this weekend! I hope he slices and dices her. (figuratively of course.)