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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Blog intros

While all of these blogs are linked from Inside Zebster, I think it's important to point out why I like these blogs. Plus, it's been awhile since I've done this and many have been added since. I also don't know whether people try the links without a reason.

I feel Mash's blog, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying is one of the best written and researched blogs that I've found. You'll find plenty of blogs where people say a couple of sentences that are linked to journalist's stories. With Mash it's like reading a professional journalist. Agree with his stance on issues or not, he makes thoughtful and compeling arguments that he backs up with plenty of information.
Another very well-written blog is Pen And Sword, by Jeff Huber, a retired Navy flight instructor. As was the case with Mash, Jeff writes very well and backs up his arguments with fact. Both of these guys make yours truly look like the amateur he is.
Ingrid at BloggerRoundtable. I call her the Pied Piper of peace. You won't find anyone more passionate.
Brent at Dakota Democrat. What I like most about Brent is that he writes about things we should be paying attention to while the bigger stories are going on. Yesterday he reminded us to keep an eye on the situation between the Iraqi Kurds and Turkey, as well as updating us on Afghanistan.
Brian at Burn The Liberals. Yes, another sarcastic liberal...right up my alley.
Worldwide Sawdust, another former Marine who's mad as hell and writes as passionately as anyone. He has a very interesting site as well, with quotes from thinkers past who should be remembered.
Some balance? I confess to not having yet delved into the conservative blogosphere very much, though I'm sure there are those blogs that I would recommend and would agree with on many issues. I really just haven't looked much yet. But my friend Coach Dave at Here I Stand is an old Nascar message board friend I've known for 10 years. I think he'd say I was right in saying he's a moderate conservative. He's a Lutheran Minister and blogs regularly about the issues people of faith face on a regular basis. I'm also told he makes a wicked good homebrew.
Finally, I'd like to introduce a couple of other Maine bloggers who are active in local politics and do a very professional job of writing about those issues, Lance at MaineWebReport and Tor at Tor's Rants.
No slight to the other blogs I have linked. I believe I've introduced them before in My Early Travels.... Let me know if I've slighted you. Also, do not hesitate to introduce me to blogs as well.
Maybe I haven't introduced BoSox Tavern. It is a blog written by myself, my brother, my cousin and a friend. We not only rant about our beloved Red Sox but also do beer, music and movie reviews.


Dr. Strangelove said...

Zeb, this explains the inexplicable smoke coming out of my trousers :)

Thanks for the plug. You are making me blush.

Also, thanks for some great links. I was unfamiliar with most of the links and I look forward to reading them all.

Zebster said...

You're welcome...I think. Thanks for telling everyone I was blowing smoke up your trousers. LOL

David said...

Hey Zeb...there is no smoke emminating from my trousers, so either you have not been blowing it my way, or we have a very different relationship that you and Dr. Strangelove :-)

Thanks for the plug, and thanks for the descriptions of the other blogs. I enjoy reading what the left has to say as much as the right...and I always enjoy reading about beer.

Zebster said...

I was just out of smoke, Dave. You're welcome.

Brent Kremer said...

Burn The Liberals is a great blog that I will read everyday now. Thanks for turning them on to me. Thanks for the plug to my blog. Please, no smoke for me.

Jeff Huber said...

Thanks for the kind words, Zeb. And keep in mind: we're all amateurs on this bus.

Zebster said...

Gee, I'm worrying what kind of rep this blowing is causing.
You're all welcome.