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Friday, August 04, 2006

Mash's plea

As things in the Middle East seem to get worse instead of better, as evidenced by these developments:

"The leader of Hezbollah, Hasan Nasrallah, threatened Thursday night to fire rockets at Tel Aviv if Israel expands its bombing attacks against Beirut."
Hezbollah Threatens Tel Aviv
to which Israel seemingly responded by bombing southern Beirut...

And in Iraq a pro Hezbollah rally:

"The demonstration was the biggest in the Middle East in support of Hezbollah since Israel launched its attacks against the guerrillas in Lebanon on July 12. The protest was organized by radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, whose political movement built around the Mahdi Army militia has been modeled after Hezbollah."Death to Israel

I enthusiastically join Mash's request in adding a link to his chain, which was motivated by Ehud Goldwasser’s father and wife appearing last night on Larry King Live. Mash in his post Proof of Life has this request:
"I ask all bloggers who read this post, as a gesture of peace and good will, to repost this plea on your blogs. Ask the same of those who read your posts. Let this plea spread across the blogosphere. Perhaps this plea will be posted on the blogs of our Arab and Lebanese friends. Perhaps this plea will make a difference in saving at least one life."

If we in this country are sick and tired off war -- of seeing brave men and women in uniform return home dead or injured, of hearing the ever-rising civilian death toll, of hearing the sabre rattling on all sides, except from those actually standing in the line of fire -- imagine how the people actually caught up in it feel or those who have loved ones caught up in it feel. I, therefore, urge anyone who reads this post to join Mash and I and others in writing a plea of their own or use Mash's linking back to the CNN transcript of the interview above, and ask others to do the same.


Dr. Strangelove said...

Zeb, thanks. I left a note on my blog. But essentially, there is no need to link to my site. Everyone should link directly to the CNN transcript. People can also cut and past my post without attribution and use it in their own posts for expediency.

Thanks for getting the word out.

Ingrid said...

I believe that you have discovered our dear Jeremiah Bullfrog's version eh? Or better put, dang hijacked one!
have a good weekend, big hi to Shelly , with the no news on Korea, I guess she must be sleeping better these days..

Bob Higgins said...


I linked to you this morning, sorry I didn't catch it sooner but keeping up with this blog has become a monster.

I have moved Worldwide Sawdust to a new domain:

Please update my link on your blogroll to reflect the new domain.

Let me know by emailing me at

Thanks and stop by soon,

Bob Higgins
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