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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Watching the Sox (not listening to the Prez)

Memorial Day SaluteHe starts out trying yet again to remind us of the 4th option of going to war, the third after he'd already gone, about Hussein taking the UN money, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah. So I muted his lying ass and started listening to James McMurtry and then watching the Sox. You know, I'm sure there's value to some of these statements but where were they when you were justifying going? Don't ya just love this making excuses on the run. For the first time in forever today after the Enron verdicts came down on Lay and Skilling, I went to listen to a Fox take for a sec. Lucky my timing as they asked one of their Fox News experts what kind of political affect this would have on the Prez. He says it'll help the Prez since it shows the Administration's prosecutors don't play favs, just like they're not playing favs with Abramof (sp). I hope to god that doesn't fly with their viewers. I didn't realize Fed prosecutors worked for the administration and let's hope they don't and never do. How about this: It shows that yet again one of the Prez's cronies (Lay) is a crook. And yet more untidy, unseemly things point to Cheney and the shadow hiding behind him. Den of Thieves! They just might turn me into a Democrat after all.

The Mrs. and Stepdaughter left this afternoon for a school drama trip to NYC. So you can see I'm having a blast with even more alone time on my hands than usual. LOL Like I need more time on my hands to contemplate all the wonderful things going on in the world and personally.

If anyone likes singer/songwriters like I do -- you know, pure kinda folky-country-rock with great lyrics and roughish vocals -- y0u have to check out James McMurtry and Charlie Robison. It'll be our secret, as no one plays it in this age of recipe radio and video channels that don't play videos.

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Karen said...

I have a problem with politics in general because I dont think anyone running for office is being 100% honest (so they can get in office) and once in office, they seem to either do what they want (in spite of what they said they would do) or kiss up to the people who can keep them in office. And then there are too many people who just vote along party lines without having a clue.
Like the cool soldier icon!!