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Friday, May 05, 2006

A couple of my "issues"

Keep in mind that I'm a liberal but not a Democrat. (I'm fiscally conservative, which this administration certainly is not) I've voted for nearly as many Republican presidents as Democrat, including HW (once); but I have a couple of sensitive spots. One, I haven't trusted this president since day one, and this administration has gone beyond the worst that I had feared. This administration and Congress has gone nuts with spending, and it isn't just war or terror related. I don't think they've met a spending bill they haven't liked.
My other sensitive spot is the success of the Republican propoganda machine's ability to convince the American people that they have a headlock on morality. I see the hypocrisy every day. It's gotten to the point IMO where being a public conservative gives one a free ride to do what they want, while being a moral, law abiding liberal is an oxy moron.
And what worries me is that recent polling shows that the majority of the American public if voting today would still vote "morality" issues over governmental policy issues. It's like, as long as you say you believe in God and you can back that up by being a Republican, then whether you'd run the country into the ground is okay.

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