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Monday, May 08, 2006

A little better than just another day

Been wanting to get out and do something but haven't wanted to go alone -- feel alone and defeated enough as it is. So Shel agreed to go to the Portland Pirates playoff game with me last night. We ate at Margarita's before the game (Shel had 2 Margarita's, 1 being her limit LOL). We haven't done much together outside of home lately because I haven't felt I could justify the expense, but the food and the game were nice temporary boosts to the psyche (I need a job).

The Pirates outplayed Hartford but gave up too many power play goals and lost 4-2. This second round series now stands two games apiece.

Christina and her beau went to the prom this weekend and had a great time. Plan to put up a pic or 2 of her/them on My Space soon.


Karen said...

I am sure it goes without saying but you are too hard on yourself, always have been. Just so you know jobs do not define a person, the type of person they are does

Cheri said...

Hi Zeb, its Cheri (Karens friend who gave you the ME hockey tix). Hope you dont mind me reading your blog.
Good luck with the job hunt, it's not easy.

Zebster said...

Maybe I can be too hard on myself but it's what makes me grow. Whether in the end it matters or not is another question.

Cheri, anytime on the tix! LOL They were fantastic seats and a good game. Read away.

Cheri said...

I had season tix last year..not sure if I will get them again this year or not...problem being noone wants to go with me! Can you even imagine that?

I've been told I'm too hard on myself many times. One friend used to say "be nice to Cheri she's a good friend of mine".

I'm sure the perfect job is just around the corner.