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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

So what is a poot anyway?

Love Letter
Someone who thinks they're funnier than they are,
A live-in best friend,
Someone who puts up with your worst and does so with a smile,
A beautiful, auburn-haired lass whose prettier than she knows,
Someone who manages to love you even after they realize your slobbery has weakened their fastidious ways,
Thinking after a gerbil, a rabbit and several cats you'll finally give in on the dog,
Someone who gets the hole in the back yard,
Who doesn't seem to mind you kept going away with your bro on our anniversary (as long as you brought back jewelry)
Who goes away on our anniversary and doesn't bring back jewelry,
Someone who buys chocolate all the while knowing you'll eat it all,
Who thinks reality shows are worth watching and who thinks cooking shows are better than baseball and racing...

1 comment:

Karen said...

Well that answers that question LOL...Such love, how come you and Tom got all the lovey gene, not us girls :-)