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Monday, June 12, 2006

Cars Preview...The Poot just being The Poot

The Mrs. and I went to the 10:10 showing of Cars Saturday night, kind of like a teenage date scenario or just to prove us old timers can stay up that late.
I won't ruin it for anyone; I'll just basically keep this to opinions without giving away the story. In typical Pixar fashion it was a carnival for the eyes. Every one of these is visually more detailed and spectacular than the one before, and the early scenes of the race are so good you feel like you're watching a real Nascar race...the attention to detail is amazing.
The story is good, though not of the caliber of The Incredibles or Toy Story; and while it has its very funny moments, it is not as funny as Finding Nemo (not close actually). But it's quite charming and visually spectacular. I think anyone would leave feeling it was well worth the price of admission, especially if you're of the vrooooom crowd.

Cute anecdote: There are numerous famous people providing the character voices, and Tony Shalhoub is one of them. He's probably most famous as Monk, a show that is one of the Poot's favorites. On the ride home we're talking about the movie and who "played" who, and I asked her if she recognized who was the voice of Luigi. She said he sounded familiar but wasn't sure. I said it was the guy who played Monk. She said, "Oh, yeah. I thought it was the guy from Taxi." "Taxi?" "No, not taxi...the guy who drives a taxi on the island." "Fantasy Island?" "No, the island in Mass where these guys fly planes." "Wings?" "Yes, that's it." "Sweetheart," I says, "that's the same guy."

Please see what is a poot below and why I can't help but love one.


Karen said...

I love Tony Shalhoub too! Used to love wings. I read what a Poot is but where did the name come from? Is it short for something?

Shel said...

Great review. And I was really tired, it was almost 1am. I just can't keep up with the teenagers. And to answer Karen, he just loves making up names for me and it seems this one is for good.