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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Em's Concert

OperaI had as good a time as can be expected under the circumstances, but it was great to see her and see her sing and get a hug. That was worth the trip, as mixed up as I felt otherwise. But they were fantastic. Hopefully this won't be the last one I get to see, since she's going to school way up north next year.

I drove Tim's car down and back as it was the last day on the insurance and I wanted to see how it drove. Well, I didn't realize the driver's window was THAT busted. When I pulled the screwdriver out at the toll booth, the window went immediately down inside the door. That was one cold ride the rest of the night. Plus he's got this kick-ass stereo in it that I couldn't figure out how to turn on the amp. So at 25 on the volume it wasn't as loud as 25 on the avg car stereo.

Thanks again to my always supportive wife.

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Karen said...

Glad the kids did a good job and that you got a hug. Tim's car sounds like mine except my heat stays on all the time and the window seals leak....If I wasnt so cheap I would get something new but with an 8 mile round trip to work, I dont want to lol

Zebster said...

Oh I know, I took a long ride in that bad boy and cooked my unmentionables. LOL The car's not bad. It just needs that fixed and there's a tire with a good noise. Probably uneven wear because of struts.

Karen said...

Oh yeah, I forgot you got the cook job. When you have scandals on it really bites!