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Monday, June 19, 2006

Father's Day Weekend Review

Father's Day Girl Despite some very trying times lately in the fatherhood category, it's still great to be a dad, and stepdad. I received some very nice Father's Day cards and phone calls and messages, as well as a Happy Father's Day web cam chat with my stepson in the Army in Korea. (Don't spend all your money on the great deals in The Ville!) My youngest is having her wisdom teeth out this week...don't wanna take a chance on messing up those perfect teeth that just got the braces off. My eldest daughter called me from a boat in the middle of a lake somewhere. That was very nice. And thanks, Little Poot, I'm glad we're family too. Love ya all. The Mrs somehow contracted a very bad cold, and so I spent the weekend home watching sports. (meet the family,

I spent a good part of Sunday watching the US Open. Man, was that painful, especially if you're a Lefty fan like me. I really thought after that moronic decision to try to hit a fairway wood out of six inches of rough that luck was on his side -- well, luck was on his side, over and over and over again. But only Phil could take all that love from the New York crowd and all that karma and turn it into a Jean Van Der Velle moment. I was sitting there thinking that if Phil didn't win, it'd be nice to see Colin Montgomerie win; and when he hit that long putt on 17, it looked like things might go his way. Phil had just bogeyed 16 and Monty gets that birdie for a tie. All Montie has to do is par 18 and he puts all kind of pressure on Phil. Nope, double bogey city, after hitting his tee shot in the fairway, no less. Oh well, Aussie, Aussie, Aussie at the Open. Congratualations to Geoff Ogilvy. Happy Father's Day to a dad to be, soon. We were a hare's breadth from a four-way tie in this thing and an 18-hole playoff today. It would've been great theater, as the fourth round was; but I don't think my heart could take any more.

Although I didn't get to watch much of the three-game series between Boston and Atlanta (spent the evenings watching movies with the Poot), it was great to see the BoSox right the ship and sweep the Braves. As is always the case with the Red Sox, this will be a rollercoaster ride to the end.

Even though I was taping the Nascar race at Michigan, I was still surfing over to it during the US Open commercials. So although I haven't seen it all, I saw enough to see my boy Kasey Kahne win again. I'll never tire of seeing that red Dodge Ram logo in victory lane. I'm a Mopar man! That's four wins this season, all from the poll and all in the same car. Here's hoping that car lasts the season. It's too bad another strong run by the 43 didn't show up as a strong finish, but the way that car has run with Bobby Labonte behind the wheel makes me more optimistic than I've been in years. Now we just need to get Kyle Petty going.

Happy Father's Day!


Karen said...

Glad you had a great father's day!! You have 6 great kids :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice recap of what sounds like a hectic weekend. I had one of those too. I think I need to get me one of these blog thingies. Anyways, our boy Kahne's lookin' like he might make a run for the chase, huh Zebsta'?? Nice blog bud. Jim/BuffettFan

Anonymous said...

You had to spend the whole weekend watching sports - How Awful!! Re; Sox pitching - Tavarez just doesn't seem to have it but the new guy looks pretty good - can't think of his name right now. Happy belated Father's Day Mom