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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What do you think?

I had this long blog prepared regarding the NY Times issue but it needs more editing. So I'll turn to something much lighter today.
Part of me feels as though I need to start another blog for personal diary, sports, pop culture, as Inside Zebster has become about politics and social issues...things that I'm obviously passionate about but I don't want to write just about those things. Do you who read regularly read because of the variety or more the social stuff? Would this blog suffer without the variety or, conversely, would the folks who are interested in what I have to say from a social standpoint be turned off if I'm blogging about my daughter's wisdom teeth, sports from a nonsocial standpoint or the job search? In essence, I'm trying to make it a professional blog and, therefore, am probably answering my own question. But honestly, that variety was what I had in mind for Inside Zebster. So please pipe in.

Enjoyable political comedy night last night with Helen Thomas on the Daily Show and Chris Matthews on the Colbert Report. Count me among the legions who find these shows very entertaining, especially the Colbert Report's originality. No, I don't get my information from these shows, though at times their odd perspective on a subject can be somewhat enlightening. Steve Colbert is afraid of Helen Thomas. So at the end of the Daily Show where they "introduce" the Colbert Report, Steve asks John who is guest was. "...Helen Thomas." And Colbert looks panicked and they replay part of a previous skit where she's stalking Colbert. Hysterical. If you've never seen the Colbert Report, try this website and watch The Word. The Colbert Report

And I rarely miss Hardball because I like Chris Matthews. I think he's fair, holds Democrats to a much higher standard than most Democrats, informed and tough. So seeing him taking on neo-con Colbert was pretty funny. Your take on these three shows?


El Mas Chingón said...


I can't help but laugh. I had the same thought last week when I recreated Greetings From America's Finesty City as my personal blog. It started out as a personal blog and then it became political. It felt strange mixing sports and politics together, so that's why I created Independent Thoughts to keep them separate.

Besides, when hockey season starts I'll likely have 90% of my posts on the Los Angeles Kings and it would be kinda wierd to cover the November elections on the same site.

If you make the split like I did, I don't blame you. Just make sure you give us the link!

Karen said...

I would go with more than one blog...

Ingrid said...

if you're a political person, you just can't help yourself. I have not quite found my 'groove' and style yet since I find myself influenced by my family commitment but my tendencies in general is to be interested in a mix of (political) issues. I'd love to deal with independent politics here in Texas, but I am also a big picture'll just chill and post what I am interested in and see what 'after the summer' will hold for me.

N. Hanks said...

Zeb - I guess your blog struck a chord with many of us. Keep up the good work!