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Friday, June 16, 2006

Here's hoping he wraps a 7 iron around a tree

I'm over feeling sorry for Tiger Woods today. I'm taking perverse joy in watching him play like the rest of us who love golf but can't keep it in the fairway. We've seen Tiger get angry with himself on one hole on occasion, but today you can see he is consistently frustrated with himself. Come on, Tiger, wrap that 7 iron around a tree somewhere. This writer's friends have never let him forget the time he did much the same thing.
Well, he didn't wrap his 7 iron around a tree but did shoot another 6 over par (giggle). Will he make the cut? I guess it's going to be close but I'm willing to go out on a limb and say it won't matter; there's no way he's a threat to win no, even Tiger. But with the way Winged Foot is dominating the players, 12 over par might well be right on the line.
Now to Phil...2 over par after the first 2 holes. Come on, Lefty, this is yours to win, even this early. Claw back. After that putt on the 3rd hole that didn't look like it had a chance of getting close to the hole and then missed 3 inches right pin high, he knows what he's doing. So put it in the fairway. He's still the guy to beat in my opinion.
The one good thing about being unemployed is getting to watch the US Open. So I think I'll crack open a box of Cheeze-Its and sample Maine's own Sea Dog Blueberry Ale that I just picked up and relax.

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