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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

World Cup letdown

USA I have to confess I was actually looking forward to the World Cup and optimistic the US would acquit themselves well...we were ranked #5 in the World. So much for that optimism apparently after being embarrased by the Czechs 3-0.

I admit I find soccer boring; but since I also like baseball and stockcars going in circles, I've tried to maintain an open mind. I actually went to a NE Revolution game last year and enjoyed myself. (Oh, okay, my biggest motivation in going was to finally be able to get into Gillette Stadium, but I did enjoy the game.)

But the casual soccer fan, even the soccer haters, should find the World Cup fascinating, as I do. It is the one sport that truly has a world following and dozens of countries with teams as good as any other. What's not to like about a tourney that's only played every four years, that has billions of people beside themselves in joy and anticipation, with national pride on the line with every game; and that in the end has a true world champion, a world champion that doesn't necessarily come from a "world power"?

Answer? Because we don't win! Or in this case we don't like getting our butts handed to us. I'll continue to pay attention to it (though the US Open starts Thursday) because it still has those unique elements to it that set it apart and above; but given that with that one bad loss we have almost no chance of moving on, it'll be hard to get really excited about it.

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Karen said...

I used to love watching soccer when Tom played in high school but havent really watch in since. I know some countries take it very serciously.