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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Try Two Nascar Races

One NASCAR race is enough for this writer - Sports
Obviously written by someone whose mom drove them to school their whole life. It's an etherial sport. You either feel the need for speed or you don't. Going once will only tell you so much; but if the roar of the engines, the smells of burning rubber and exhaust, the checkered flag bikini tops don't pull you in the first time, then it probably never will.

Some people aren't going to like it because they don't want'd be an insult to who they think they are; and to be grouped in with people they know they aren't, they couldn't handle. We're all guilty of that to some degree. For me? If I'd come into Nascar in the 80's, I could never have been a DE fan because I don't fit that crowd. For this guy he doesn't think he fits what he believes to be the Nascar crowd, which is in actuality a snob job on his part, subconsciously or consciously -- even though the Nascar crowd is not a far cry different than the college football crowd he loves. It's also fairly obvious he'd made his mind up before he went.

But perhaps he should give it another try and this time do it right:

A) You must have a rooting interest. Pick a favorite driver. Use whatever criteria you like (except who wins the most), be it that the driver hails from your neck of the woods, that his sponsor is one of your favorite products, the character of the person, the car number, etc. But you must have a favorite and you must wear his colors. So buy a hat or t-shirt of your favorite driver and wear it proudly. And find out who his rivals are, his arch enemies even. Before you know it, you'll be screaming for your guy to "take him out."

B)If you can, camp in the parking lot over the weekend and party with the masses or, even better, camp in the infield, which I've done at the 600 in Charlotte. There's no experience like it. While you're sleeping in your tent and if you're really quiet, you can hear the chirping of the rednecks -- woooo hooooo, woooo hoooo! Make sure you go to the red wagon races and place a bet.

C) Actually talk to someone while you're there, especially the long-time fans. They'll take you under their wing, hold your hand and help you along the journey. The Nascar fan is the friendliest fan of all.

D) Rent a scanner. I've been going to stock car races for 35 years, Nascar races for over 20. So I'd rather watch the race, smell the rubber and hear the screaching and banging. But many find the experience heightened by listening to the radio chatter of the drivers with their crews and spotters or, which I've done on occasion, listen to the radio broadcast of the race...something that comes in particularly handy when your favorite suddenly has problems and you don't know why.

Finally, go with friends, especially if there's a fan or two in the bunch. It really helps. I actually enjoyed myself at a pro soccer match last year using that very technique.

Oh yeah, there's always the wrecks!


Karen said...

Well Since I think football is boring and really enjoyed the one race I went to, I don't get it. Nicely written

Cheri said...

Thanks for explaining it cuz I sure never could "get" the whole Nascar thing :)

I do love football, baseball, and hockey though :)

Anonymous said...

Did a good job covering all the bases (oh no - a sports metaphor) on NASCAR. I think it points up the fact that things seem to get put in categories so much now - ie you can't be a liberal and like NASCAR. Of course I tend to blame the right wingers but guess us liberal can take part of the blame. A few years ago it really struck me. Clnton was President and did that bit where celebrities say, "Are you ready for some football?". Happened to catch a little of Rush and someone called in and said something to the effect that 'they' have taken that away from us. As I remember it Rush did try to smooth that over.
And of course this leads to the Dixie Chicks fiasco. Doesn't anyone remember the McCarthy era? If this isn't the same thing, I don't know what is. They have actually received death threats. I realize that liberals have done some of this such as boycotting conservative speakers at colleges, etc. But it just could be that we can't agree long enough to stick together on something like this LOL. That reminds me - need to buy some Dixie Chicks CD's.