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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Barbara Merrill update

I did indeed attend her coffee tour stop this morning, though it became evident to me early on that this was not a good forum or setting to get our questions asked, answered and relayed back to you in an efficient, accurate way. She has graciously agreed to respond to our questions in written form. So I'll spend the day today reformulating, updating and putting those questions into an email that I'll send off later today. So if you've thought of something else you'd like to ask or a better way of asking your question, there's still time.
While we wait for her answers, I would suggest you check out her website, as it does address to a fair degree some of the issues we've discussed.
I did get to sit and chat with her and a couple members of her campaign staff. My take meeting her in person is that she's earnest and genuinely cares about the people of Maine and the issues they face. Perhaps the best way of stating it is that I think she understands those issues, and that is in large part due to the fact that she in my opinion is one of everyday Mainer. She seems informed on the issues, she's intelligent, down to earth and most importantly open minded. She understands that the current political environment is not conducive to change, not conducive to new ideas and, therefore, not conducive to getting things done that will make a real difference in the lives of Mainers.
Obviously it would beg the question of whether, if elected, could she overcome the current intransigence in State politics and get things done. Would she be able to get reforms through. I believe any elected official in a position like governor can get a lot done if it is the will of the people. The electorate can demand, believe it or not, that their elected officials reform government; but you can't put that kind of pressure on politicians by doing nothing, nor by simply voting. If we truly want something done, we need to exert as much pressure as possible through being active in all the ways that are available; and if they don't do what we want, throw them out.
And there's also this from the Kennebec Journal , which Barbara only had a chance to refer to briefly, in that it was taking up a lot of time recently.


Tor said...

I think we'll find out by the end of September whether Merrill will be able to connect directly with voters. No matter who ends up in the legislature, she'll probably have to do end-runs around them to get much done. I'm leaning toward voting for her, unless Woodcock starts to do something impressive.

Zebster said...

I'm far from having made my mind up...I'm more interested in the indie movement overall. Thanks for stopping by, Tor.

Lance said...

Merrill's book "setting the Maine Course' is a good read. It gives some great perspective on where she's coming from, and it shows she's got a ton of depth to her ideas.

One of the feelings I got from Merrill is that even if I disagree with her position on something, I still might feel comfortable with her in charge. Her willingness to talk to people is such a strong trait, that I think I'd rather have an open-minded person like her in charge than someone who is completely invested in whatever position their party tells them to take. Baldacci is especially centered around this zero-sum mentality.

Zebster said...

I've read snippets but really should buckle down and read it all. I agree with you based on what I've read.

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