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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A momentary lean to the right

Though this wouldn't be the smartest thing to do given our worldwide lack of popularity right now, part of me wants to say to that whackjob in North Korea, "Hey, do you remember what happened in the past when a much less powerful country threatened a powerful country?" "Yeah, that's right, your country wasn't yours anymore, KIM Jong Il!"
Threatening your neighbors by sending missiles into the Sea of Japan and attempting to produce missiles that threaten us will not get us to the bargaining table, quite the opposite. I'd be tempted to give President Bush permission to pull a Crocodile Dundee on their asses by saying "No, this is a missile" and fly one armed with a non-nuclear warhead right into an unpopulated part of North Korea. And say, "There's more where that came from and they're aimed right at you."
Phew, now that's off my chest. Diplomacy is always the best way to proceed but their threats should not get them anything.

My wife will kill me when she reads this. Though I think she'd agree with its sentiment but not its implementation (nor do I), her son, my stepson is stationed in Korea right now and she's mighty nervous about that.

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RisingSunofNihon said...

I feel the same way you do about the N. Korea situation: it would be great to show them what a "real" missile is! But, yes, at the same time diplomacy is certainly the way to go.

I hope your stepson stays safe.

David said...

I've got an extra GOP lapel pin if you need one Zeb :)

I was wondering who that red dot in Korea on my blog counter was. I forgot that he was over there. Tell him Coach says hi and that we are all proud of each and every one of them!

Zebster said...

It's the Marine in me coming out! I'll definitely pass that on, Coach.

Ingrid said...

Zeb, I can imagine that your wife is pretty nervous, good grief what a situation this is! I am not sure how to think about this. Of course, diplomacy is key, but what was the purpose of this missile display. (or the phlat of display at that). My first thought was, is this a red herring? Is he in cahoots with Iran's know the rest (sorry, can't seem to get the name at this time of the night) and is he just causing a lot of smoke in order to be a distraction of what might be going on somewhere else? Very conspiracy minded I suppose, but there does not seem to be sense to it. Of course, spending all your money on arms and nada for your population is not exactly sane either, but I am not knowledgable at all about the history of this so I am just trying to approach it with 'the logic according to Ingrid'. Not much good that might be in the 'reality based world' but there you have it.
Let's hope that it was all just a bunch of drama and that next week the gas prices go back down..Damn dirty Ding dong guy!
Ingrid, losing her ability to think coherently..
hope your stepson will remain safe!

Shel said...

If woman (mothers) ruled the world there would be no wars.

Zebster said...

Ingrid, he thinks since we're preoccupied with Iraq and Iran, that his show of force will get us to give him aid. Fat chance.
My wife just summed things up the best though above.

Martini said...

It is quite scary, about North Korea's military progress, but why is the U.S. the only country allowed to have missles? Is it because they're like the mature parent teaching the little kid not to play with fire?

Ingrid said...

Shel, not realizing that you were Zeb's wife I thought, damn right! Mother's would not let it come to that. I hope that, this too shall pass.
Zeb, you think it's about aid? wow, my kid knows better that throwing a hissy fit won't get him anything..let's hope Russia and China are not going to go for that because I would say, fat chance indeed!

Zebster said...

Martini, welcome. Yes, to some degree it is. It is a double standard, but I'm afraid what would happen in this world if we didn't have more and bigger. Earth unfortunately is not yet a place where there's no need for a superpower; and although we've done things I disagree with, I'm thankful it's the US that's the superpower.
The Chinese are the key here though. What economic health there is in N. Korea is tied to the Chinese. But as of yet they're not willing to put down hard sanctions.

Brent Kremer said...

China won't be tough with North Korea. Would you choose a stable but harsh dictatorship on your border that works with your government, or a government that could cause major upheavels in your country because you decided to impose sanctions against it?