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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Trying to understand it all

Or at least enough to try to talk intelligently about it and have an opinion...the latest crisis in the middle east, that is. Aside from most of yesterday when I was visiting family at camp, this is what I've been doing instead of blogging here.
Hopefully I'll have something intelligent to say soon. Please feel free to jump in with your opinions though, or perspective or facts. I would welcome any information I can get.
While I do this, I'm sampling the special release of Samuel Adams Brewer Patriot Collection, which I've started to review at All Things Zebster So if you like good craft beer or just are interested to reading something light for a while, you could jump over there. Hopefully I won't get less intelligible as I drink more.

UPDATE: The United Nations Security Council unanimously condemns North Korea regarding the launching of their missiles and demands it suspend its ballistic missile program and stop procurement of weapons of mass destruction. It's about time, China and Russia. Will North Korea comply? I suspect they won't but this is a necessary step in getting them to realize we're serious.
Well, that was fast...45 minutes later North Korea rejects it and storms out! No surprise, I guess.


Ingrid said...

Zeb, we'll be going to my dh's boss' boss for a pool/bbq party (it's hot in Central TX) and I'll do my best not to get into any political discussions. I can say, well, it'll enlighten some since they get their main news from tv and not anything 'alternative' that digs a little deeper..but..aside from the fact that it's at the boss' boss'.. I need a break from it. I honestly woke up from it last night and naturally, dreamt about it as well. I am very saddened and expect there to be a bigger picture scenario..
btw..I added you to another site I volunteered to help out with; .
Funny when you think of it that I haven't even done a blog roll on my own site! Just added a sitemeter to that one so hopefully I can spruce it up enough to make it 'traffic worthy'..
I sure could use a brewsky right now!
Catch ya later, say hi to your lovely other half (pardon me, forgot her name, I think it started with an S but don't wanna guess)

Brent Kremer said...

Did you expect anything else from Kim Jong Il? He wants more handouts from everyone and will continue agonizing countries until he gets it.