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Monday, July 17, 2006

The price of right?

Regardless of the intent of Hezbollah in taking Israeli soldiers, the intent of Iran and Syria in backing Hezbollah and the right of Israel to defend itself, the bigger picture of this back and forth is one of diminishing returns long term. Israel now has the mind set to hopefully cripple Hezbollah or at least get their rockets and Hezbollah out of southern Lebanon where they aren't nearly as much of a threat, but in so doing Israel has undertaken a strategy which I fear falls right into the hands of all those who hate Israel, the Zionists. Every Israeli bomb that explodes in Lebanon seems to kill civilians, and every time that happens a whole new generation of revenge is born. On top of that the haters of Israel are smiling, knowing how Israel's reaction is playing in the Islamic world. They can envision future generations of jihadists eagerly waiting to take part in their war on infidels.
On top of that our government in the United States has been disengaged from the politics of the region since the current administration took office, yet President Bush blindly supports Israel's right to defend itself. Yes, Israel does; but there we are unhesitatingly, unwittingly even, taking Israel's side without publicly addressing all the other issues that are involved in the situation. So in the eyes of the Arab world, much of whom already wishes us harm, there we are taking Israel's side again as if no one else in the region mattered.
There is no easy solution to any of this, but I for one fear that bombs over diplomacy will again hurt Israel and the United States for generations to come.


Brent Kremer said...

I think that this might be different. Look at the words from Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. They place the blame on Hezbollah for this, and say that Israel must show major restraint. You can see the crack in the Arab countries. Sunni Arabs say that Hezbollah was at fault. Shiite Arabs are wanting this. Maybe, just maybe, some arab countries in the Middle East want to follow another path besides war with Israel and will look at things more objectively.

Kevin said...

Brent makes a good point here. There has been unprecedented criticism of Hezbollah by some Arab nations. But we ought not to underestimate the importance of their inferred criticism of Israel's reaction in Lebanon.

I think that Israel and the United States are both long-term losers over this Lebanese War.

David said...

I have created a back link to your post because on account of inflation, my two cents is about a nickle's worth.

I share your frustration Zeb, as do many I supppose. Good topic for today...well worth conversation.

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