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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Middle story, old story

The more I watch the news, read editorials, blogs, historical backgrounds I come to the conclusion that this situation in the Middle East, while more complicated because it's been going on back and forth seemingly forever, is no different than any conflict between peoples and nation states and countries throughout mankind. It is about not taking responsibility, not really wanting peace more than wanting revenge. It is about who has been more wronged, whose cause is more just, which people and which religion is more right and holy. It is about power, yes; but also self-preservation too. But it most certainly is not about truly wanting peace. People and countries who want peace find peace. Those who want to dominate, control, blame, be more powerful and influential will not find peace.
Israel in the name of self-preservation gives up (well, on paper) Gaza, the West Bank but will not recognize its people as people. So while self-preservation is valid to a degree; the way it's being handled is counter-productive to say the least. Many of the Arab nations of that region, the people and the leaders, do not feel the Jews and the nation of Israel should exist. Well, that's a fine attitude to have if you really care about the safety and well-being of your own citizens. Let's talk again about being counter-productive. If you threaten the existence of a people and a nation, don't be surprised about the response...but then don't be surprised at the response to the response...
Too simplistic and naive? Perhaps, but it's not like this is a situation where there's a clear culprit that starts something new. This has been, again, going on back and forth for generations. It takes courage, I know, to stand against convention, to put aside perhaps nationality or family or religion to insist and do all that's necessary for peace. So who will it be that ultimately gets this going in the right direction? Israel, Hamas, Jordan, Iran, Hezbollah, some mullah or other, the United Nations -- don't get carried away, Zeb.

Updated today, July 17, to include a link to a blog by Jonathan in Israel that I think everyone should read. Intellect or Insanity


Brent Kremer said...

If you haven't seen this, it might provide some historical reference to the trouble of the region:

Some of the solutions are a bit strained, but it does a goob job for historical facts.

David said...

According to news wires; One of the things that has surprised the Israelies is the numbers of misslies that have come from the North. They knew that Lebanon had the capability to respond, but not with such a large cache of weaponery.

So where did they get all of those weapons? Certainly Syria has been one of their suppliers, as well as Iran, but the U.S. and other countries have monitored those sales.

But let me see...weren't there reports once upon a time that Iraq had la large cache of missiles at some point and Saddam Hussein was buying time to ship them off to Syria?

Naw......couldn't be.....?

Zebster said...

Dave, my understanding is that these came from Iran via China...the ones Hezbollah is using. I've heard they were surprised by the range, no so much that they didn't know they had them.
My understanding is also that, though they're not targetable, they better than anything we saw Saddam use in the Gulf War. So my reaction is that if he'd had them, he'd have used them. But nothing that guy did would surprise me either.

Thanks Brent, I'll check it out.

David said...

Just playin Zeb....I always love to stir the pot.

Zebster said...

I know and it's appreciated. I don't want to just listen to myself talk. I know just enough to be dangerous.
For blogging anyway, the more cooks stirring the pot the better IMO.