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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Time, The Revelator

As Gillian Welch and David Rawlings write, Time is the Revelator; and so it is and will continue to be with this current Administration. We are hearing more and more proof that Karl Rove was involved in leaking Valerie Plame's identity to Bob Novak...something the President said wouldn't happen, didn't happen and wouldn't be tolerated in his administration. He has said that anyone who leaked would be punished. Well, Karl Rove's still around, as close to the President as ever...doing everything but swapping spit with each other. (Yes, the same Karl Rove who leaked during the previous Bush administration) Their talking heads say he did nothing illegal. Well, if someone from the other side of the aisle had done the very same thing and the Special Prosecutor didn't feel it was a slam-dunk case, this group would be screaming about the morality of it.

Their arrogance is unbelievable and frightening. The deceipts and cover-ups are rampant, and they'll do anything but take responsibility. Where's Harry Truman when you need the buck to stop where the buck should stop? No reason that we were given for going to war in Iraq has proven to have any basis. I said all along the war hawks in that administration, the President included, always wanted to go to Iraq and take out Hussein to fix his father's legacy and write his own; and they frankly didn't care how they got there or the consequences of this misguided action, such as the toll on the soldiers, incidents like Haditha and Abu Graib, the fact that we opened the place up to al Qaeda, that Iran and North Korea know we're preoccupied, even though they were bigger threats to begin with, to -- unfortunately it's a seemingly endless list. Oh, I'd me remiss if I didn't include the fact that the Taliban has gotten stronger since we took our eye off Afghanistan and Bin Laden and focused on Iraq.

So when Joe Wilson exposes another falsehood that was the basis for going to war, what's their reaction? Gee, maybe it's a good idea to leak the identity of his wife, who just happened to be a "Non-official cover operative." An explanation here And over and over the White House howls about the press revealing secrets that weren't secrets, yet it's okay for them to use the press to leak the CIA wife of a whistleblower in an attempt to discredit the whistleblower. Well, if you have the goods that the whistleblower is wrong, then why didn't you release that information?
It's all about credibility and this administration has none for most of the country. Raise your hands all of you who voted for Bush in the fall of '03 who would've liked to have known this information before you voted.

And time will be the revelator about this so-called supply-side robust economy just as it was with Reaganomics...lots of low-paying jobs, high prices, the everyday working schmuck unable to make ends meet because there's been no real rise in wages since they took office...coupled with an ever-increasing deficit that will strangle any real growth. So rejoice investor class...the rest of us are unimpressed.

UPDATE: And this just in, Valerie Plame has filed a civil suit against Cheney, Rove, Libby, et al. So I'll be writing about this in the near future.

See my previous rant on this issue Leakergate


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